Delivering Excellence In Natural Healing

Incredible home-grown all-natural spa products created in the UNESCO Global Geopark – Langkawi, Malaysia.


The Element story began in 2002. Founded by Jenny Ong, we create beauty products that are natural, innovative and effective, exclusively for elite spas and professional aestheticians, locally and internationally.

Based in the Spa Shop, Langkawi, Malaysia, we use natural ingredients like herbs, plants and flowers. All of our products are free from parabens, sodium lauryl sulfate, alcohol, mineral oil, lanolin, and artificial colours.

Our products range are truly inspired by traditional Asian cultures and organic skin care therapies. The result is a collection of natural rsults-driven spa products that restore the wellbeing of the hair, skin and body from the inside.


We use our extensive knowledge in traditional Asian healing and work alongside dermatologists and aromatherapists to ensure our carefully crafted products will help you to have naturally beautiful hair, skin and body, with a renewed sense of calm.

Key Business Focus

To offer incredible natural and organic products to beauty centres, hotel chains and investors.

Mission Statement

To achieve local and international recognition by:

  • Implementing go-green concepts
  • Utilising all-natural, truly organic ingredients
  • Creating sustainable products that is good for the environment

Our Logo

Our logo symbolizes:

• Two healing hands – invite the discovery of the benefits of natural healing.

• Lively leaves – the precious instruments of natural, life and organic.

• The ring around the logo – saving and healing the world.

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