Jasmine Floral Water


Jasmine water is basically prepared when jasmine flower oil is distilled by streaming it in water. It has got plenty of uses from skin care to culinary to aromatherapy. Jasmine water is a very commonly used hydrosol. It has been used since quite some time in Thai desserts and Chinese remedy and over the years, its uses have spread. The stress relieving and long lasing perfume of the liquid will surely impress the users. Jasmine water is a hot selling product in various parts of the world especially in the Asian markets. Characteristics Jasmine can either be evergreen or deciduous and can be spreading, erect or climbing. Also, their leaves are alternate. All of these things imply that jasmine is a viable plant. Its flowers are roughly 1 inch in diameter and they are usually yellow or white in color. However, in some cases they may be red. Jasmine water contains the water soluble constitutes that are free from any kind of lipophilic substances that constitute the essential oils including ethers, hydrocarbons, oxides, esters etc.