Rose Floral Water


Direct from the Bulgarian Valley of Roses, Bulgarian Rose Water is soothing, stimulates the regeneration of the skin, hydrating, refreshing and naturally fragrant. Naturallythinking Rose water is chemical and alcohol free for natural skincare. Uses The Original and most exquisite of all floral waters. Rose water is elegant and soothing to the skin, helping with reddened and inflamed skin. The natural Rose water is a gently cleansing and toning product for all skin types which maintains the pH balance, stimulates the regeneration processes and has a calming effect in acne and sunburns. Rose water promotes healthy and elastic skin. Recommended for acne and skin irritation, nourishing and hydrating skin, moisturising the body after a shower or bath, for dry and damaged hair. Rose also offers a soothing property to the nerves and emotional and psychological state of mind. Rose is extensively used in perfumes and as an emollient in skin care products. It’s tonic and soothing quality is useful for all skin types, especially mature, dry and sensitive, helpful for inflammation and reducing the visibility of broken capillaries. In order to use Rose water it is typically blended with glycerine to or other floral waters to create bespoke toners and preservatives added to ensure longevity and safety. Botanical Name Rosa damascena Extraction Method Steam distillation Country of Origin Bulgaria Shelf Life Standard: 36 months Unpreserved: 3 months Appearance: Transparent Colour: Clear to Orange tinge Odour: Typical of Roses pH: – 5.7 Essential Oil %: 0.04 Rel Density@20c: 0.9924 Microbial Content: Negative Blends well With Lavender, Chamomile, Ylang Ylang