Lavandin Grosso Essential Oil – Edible


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Our high quality, organic Lavandin essential oil is grown in Spain and possesses a wonderful aromatic balance between herbal, floral, and camphoraceous notes. Organic Lavandin Grosso is suitable for use in a narrower range of applications than Lavender and is a cost-effective substitute for true Lavender in scenting personal and home care products. For those interested in an explanation of the difference between True Lavenders and Lavandin: True Lavender (Lavandula angustifolia = L. vera = L. officinalis) grows at a high altitude while Spike Lavender (Lavandula spica = L. latifolia) at a lower altitude on the same sunny hills. When these two plants are cross-pollinated, there are several hybrids that appear, namely Lavandin abrialis,L. grosso (the most common), L. intermedia, L. reydovan and L. super. Two important advantages of these hybrids is that they are more easily grown, and they have a significantly higher yield of essential oil than true Lavenders making them less costly. However, for the true Lavender lovers, these oils contain much less complexity in their chemistry and therefore differ in their uses as well as their aromatic profile. According to Mindy Green, co-author ofAromatherapy – A Complete Guide to the Healing Art, Lavender has about 160 chemical constituents while Lavandin has only 60. Lavandin certainly has a Lavender-like aroma, but its properties do not cover as broad a spectrum as the properties of true Lavender. For example, Lavandin is suitable for use as an antiseptic and for addressing respiratory conditions, joint inflammation and muscular pain, but does not have the same calming, sedative action that true Lavender has. However, Lavandin is not less potent, it just has different applications. Aromatic Profile: Fresh, camphoraceous, herbal/floral, clear, penetrating, green. Appearance: Colorless, very mobile liquid.