Rose Hip Refine Oil


BOTANICAL NAME Rosa canina ORIGIN Chile METHOD OF EXTRACTION Cold Pressed and Winterized SUGGESTED USE Cosmetic use only KOSHER CERTIFIED No Rosehip seed oil is truly an amazing product, light amber in color, it is considered a “dry” oil, meaning that it soaks into the skin easily, and does not leave a greasy residue. This unique oil is extremely high in essential fatty acids and has carried much respect amongst professional journals and organizations as being a great agent in the fight against dry, weathered, and dehydrated skin. It works wonders on scars and is the predominant oil used for treating wrinkles and premature aging. Can be used in all fine skin care recipes. Because of its delicate nature and the cold pressed method of extraction, it should be kept refrigerated, and it should also be noted that rosehip seed oil is often more susceptible than other vegetable oils, especially in regards to fluctuations in temperature, oxygen, and light. It is a wonderful hydrator, and penetrates dry or damaged skin immediately. This oil may be used straight from the bottle as a moisturizer, or can be incorporated into a cream, lotion, facial oil, or massage oil. Because it is so gentle, rosehip seed oil may be used undiluted on the skin. Rosehip seed oil is a safe, inexpensive, effective, and non-invasive product for preventing and healing damaged skin. TYPICAL ANALYSIS Color- Amber with Orange hue Odor- Heavy/Characteristic Free Fatty Acids- 0.29% Peroxide Value- less than 0.05 Non-Saponifiables- less than 2.0 Saponification Value- 177 Iodine Value- 180 Specific Gravity- 0.94 pH- 4.00 Lycopene- 400-800 ppm Tocopherols- 700-1100 ppm Fatty Acids Oleic- 13.9% Palmitic- 3.5% Linoleic- 44.1% Linolenic- 33.9% PRECAUTIONS Not recommended for use on acne, or on very oily skin. For educational purposes only. This information has not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This information is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.